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The purpose of the Family Based Immigration Forums website is to facilitate the accumulation and exchange of resources, information, knowledge and experiences for marriage and family based immigration. This includes the non-immigrant K1 visa and K3 visa (also K2 & K4 visa), The Immigrant Visa such as (IR1 and CR1 visa); Adjustment of Status, Removing Conditions, Citizenship / Naturalization, for a spouse, fiance, fiancee, parent(s) or other close relatives. Within these pages you will find information and experiences on filing the many immigration forms: e.g. I129F, I130, G325A, I134, I864, I485, I693A, to name a few.

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We are not attorneys and as such any advice or opinions given on Family Based Immigration Forums should always be verified from an official source.

Things to note:



Whether you are filing your own case or have hired a lawyer, research is a key part of the immigration process. Each case is as individual as the people making the application; it is essential to have an understanding of the immigration process, immigration forms, immigration terminology, and government agencies involved. Having not only an overall understanding of the mechanics of U.S. immigration, but also how your case uniquely fits in the immigration process, is a valuable asset to your immigration case.

Family Based Immigration Forums is a tool to help you find the correct information from official sources, where you can research about your own immigration visa and immigration case. There are extensive links to government websites, organized in such a way to make it easier to put your finger on just the right piece of information you need to understand your visa and immigration options, and your obligations with regard to your immigration case.


Family Based Immigration Forums offer various immigration forums where members contribute with information and support. In addition to providing their personal immigration visa and immigration experiences with the various stages of the immigration process. There are discussions on other subjects such as moving, what to expect once you arrive, how to find support, homesickness, and settling to life in the U.S.

your immigration case

Responses to immigration questions in the immigration forums will likely include a variety of personal experience, opinion, and direction to official government websites. As with any source of information, it is advisable to use your own best judgment in determining if the information is right for you in your case. The members of the immigration forums and website are not lawyers nor necessarily experts in the field of U.S. immigration; most are simply people who have been involved in their own immigration case and have done their own research.

Legal Assistance

If you are unable, or unprepared to spend the time researching US immigration fully, consider hiring an immigration professional to handle your case. Yes, many average people have successfully filed their own immigration cases, but they did it at an expense of time and brainpower instead of money. While immigration forms may be simple, there are a thousand and one little details not included in the instructions that can assist your case to have a smooth passage. Some may feel that these details are best left in the hands of a legal professional only you know what is best for you and your loved one. There is no shame in hiring a professional to file your case, just as there is no shame in hiring someone to file your tax returns. Remember that your individual facts are going to be different from anyone else's in the world! Something that worked for one person will not necessarily work for you--it is up to you to learn if the differences are important. Since the members here are not immigration attorneys, pay attention if you are referred to one--it is for a reason.

This is YOUR immigration process..Take care with it, and responsibility for YOUR case.

From the administration and moderating team we wish you the very best during this time and invite you to join us in the immigration forums.

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