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221g Administrative Processing

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  1. DOS reply(SURPRISED)
  2. Parents got Visa after being in AP for about 15 months !
  3. it's taking so long............
  4. plzzz answer me..i need help
  5. DOS question
  6. AP
  7. what to make out of it
  8. AP
  9. Good News!!
  12. My Wife case was returned to USCIS
  13. my husband interview
  14. Got her visa
  15. red token on paper and passport kept by the consulate
  17. untill when i have to wait under AP
  18. Uzbekistan - law suit in the federal court
  19. Complete AP requires what?
  20. Asked to go verify a document.Would i still be interviewed all over again when i rtn?
  21. Get Ap need help
  23. Any female in AP in this forum?
  24. Difference between H1B 'AP' and IV "AP"
  25. enybody waiting for imigratvisa
  26. Please help me
  28. Please help
  29. help
  30. what does it mean final review
  31. Anyone in the same situation??
  32. Pink Token and Green Paper
  33. Visa processing time
  34. How long to stamp VISA after "send passport" issued
  35. status
  36. petitioner changed status & parents immigrant visa question
  37. I-864 seek 2nd joint sponsor
  38. blue slip
  39. india
  40. Khan2 have you heard anything?
  42. AP
  43. Maximum AP Time For F4 Catagory From USA Embassy Islamabad,Pakistan
  44. anybody from bombay?
  45. i am waiting for my visa from 2 and half year after interview
  46. dos
  47. Derivative Beneficiary
  48. Passport Received With K1 Visa Stamped after 39 days of AP
  49. administrative processing but pasport keep by co
  50. Re-Submission of documents. When will visa be issued?
  51. K-3 Visa Ho Chi Minh Vietnam/Currently in processing
  52. Visa approved But Adminitrative Process is pending
  53. Is there anyone from india Whos case is in AP..?
  54. Interview date .... to Visa time
  55. letest update from mubai consulate
  56. CR1 Interview went smoothly but hand over BLUE letter stating that require AAP
  57. Waiting in AP longer than me
  58. What does a Congressman do in AP
  59. Additional Processing Time for F2A VISA from Bangladesh
  60. Visa Time After Interview
  61. Section 221(g): Administrative Processing
  62. Waiting time longer than me
  63. Finally it is done
  64. AP is over after 5 months
  65. administrative processing
  66. F1 VISA - 221g issued at mumbai pls help
  67. Current Priority Dates for IV Applicants
  68. Can I get my passport back from the embassy?
  69. blue sheet, bangladesh
  70. What is the role.....
  71. i have done my interview and got green paper...
  72. Passport expires during Admin process
  73. case keep get stamped
  74. need advice please
  75. ap for female in islamabad embassy
  76. Blue slip 221g- divorce certificate not accepted
  77. Resubmission of Form DS230
  78. USE islamabad phone contact
  79. Reverification of CENOMAR
  80. Does Anybody Knows The Meaning Of This?
  81. Minimum AP Timing So Far ? Share your Experience
  82. Pending Processing-how long did yours take?
  83. Admin process due to "I-134 Affidavit of support"
  84. embassy called to come with passport on tuesday for fingerprint -9m after interview
  85. Counsilors in U.s embassy Islamabad
  87. k1 visa case denied. denied ans saying you are married
  88. Case still in Admin process-No deny letter received and case still in Admin process
  89. 221g letter then a possible revocation letter
  90. Sec 221g-Ineligible for visa due insuffcient document
  91. Males in Pakistan married with USC waiting for visa approval
  92. Fiance VISA
  93. Need some help about Administrative Process
  94. Again review after new medical??
  95. After Interview - Required me to submit co-sponsor I864
  96. is it ap or anything else
  97. Stamping IV after AP Over while traveling on visit visa within USA
  98. Long AP
  99. f4 visa approval after Administrative processing
  100. Under Adminstrative processing for 10 months now
  101. need help regarding admin. processing for immigration visa(i824 aos approved).
  102. given letter for ap without any 221g handout.whats this??plz hlp
  103. Section 221g AP
  104. F4 Visa Stamped and Passport Received after 85 Days of AP
  105. Atlast ap finished
  106. your help needed guys
  107. Additional Admin Process without asking for any files and no time frame.
  108. Its been 10 months in AP
  109. i think my AP is over
  110. finally its over....and M now in USA.....WID my wife....
  111. Interview - Got blue sheet
  112. possibility of administrative processing
  113. Received an email from NVC about further processing
  114. Passport returned instead of stamped and in AP
  115. Finally its almost over
  116. Call from us embassy
  117. Asking for passport return while in A.P
  118. Anyone IR1 Category !
  119. Case status ???
  120. AP depends on travelling
  121. Visa Preference or Category ??????
  122. 5 months after they said approved in the interview, still in AP, Montreal Consulate
  123. Finally the wait is over:)
  124. DNA Testing....then what?
  125. Admin process, case updated on emb. site, passport returned and Admin process again
  126. Unexpected Answer from DOS n US-Emb. Need Advise. AdminProces.
  127. 27 days :(
  129. IR-1 Category .......... AP Duration ?
  130. This delay is making me crazy
  131. Tired, Lost, frustrated, stressed,,,, Administrative Processing
  132. Embassy says Case is done, Passport with them
  133. Administration Processiong query_6 weeks past Since interview.
  134. 37 days passed :(
  135. AP again
  136. Administrative processingin Abu Dhabi
  137. AP. Need some advice
  138. waiting for passport and visa packet to be couried
  139. 221g AP issued today at interview
  140. case sent back
  141. Anyone with IR1 status in AP ?????
  142. Administrative processing has been completed
  143. senior members plz help
  144. Given white 221(g) "We will call you"...
  145. ADVISORY OPINION - Very useful
  146. AP Info: DOS number dial from with in USA?
  147. Wait for K3?
  148. Share EXP: Only CR1/IR1-AP Duration
  149. administrative processing
  151. 221g - Additional Documents. Whats next?
  152. This case is pending mandatory administrative processing
  153. My visa had been denied
  154. AD(in future during interview)
  155. visa denied
  156. raven,plz help
  157. provide further evidence of relationship
  158. Anyone ???
  159. Seems AP is over after long Wait of 27 Months.
  160. Finally ...... Thanx God :)
  162. Average time from Phone call from Embassey to Visa in Hand
  163. Is it possible to refuse visa after AP
  164. administrative processes
  165. Interview in 2011 and got visa?
  166. common questions during interview
  167. Wait Over.......Thanks GOD.....
  168. does it take too long to be sealed
  169. Whats mean of Initial Review???
  170. was told
  171. re-request to NVC again?when? and why
  172. 221g blue form given after interview
  173. DS 230
  174. AP after approval?
  175. still pending
  177. Additional Administrative processing
  178. Any Progress After Submission New Documents( Medicals,DS 230,Police Certificate) ???
  179. 221g Petition being returned to NVC/USCIS
  180. case in Admin. It's depressing please help anyone!
  181. Finger prints required at Islamabad Embassy while in AP
  182. APPLICANT NOW has MEDICAL EMERGENCY but Visa denied for Fraudulent docs
  183. Consulate kept passport
  184. Finally got the Visa
  185. Finally Got Visa
  186. what are our chances?
  187. I-140 petition returned to USCIS
  188. Pending? or in AP?
  189. Finally
  190. Every thing is fine but putting in AP
  191. consulate in Riyadh - confusing situation
  192. Second Interview after Administrative Review
  193. Interview and ap experience in islamabad
  194. Need some guidance and help for AR/AP
  195. In Administrative Processing Since August 2010
  196. still under administration process
  197. my interview experience in Islamabad.
  198. Administrative Processing at US Embassy London, UK
  199. Female on AP
  200. is this AP?
  201. AP in India?
  202. Mandatory Administrative Processing
  203. Status after denial of case
  204. Update of CASE (interview 10th of june 2011)
  205. Thanks to Everyone!!!
  206. My Husband was put on AP again after name check was completed
  207. Still under AP
  208. Sign a Petition Obama Administration (takes 30 seconds to sign up)
  209. "Please help me
  210. Current status of case.
  211. my hubby got citizenship after i have done with interview
  212. Please give me your opinion or experience - AP 3 times
  213. still in the AP
  214. Recived call from embassy
  215. Process I130 during AP on K3
  216. Fresh Documents
  217. still in the AP
  218. AP Over-US Embassy London
  219. IN AP SINCE March 2010
  220. Long AP because of common name?
  221. AP is over finally after 148 days
  222. AP-Cairo Egypt
  223. Forum structure
  224. DOS response
  225. Embassy working time frame.....
  226. Diff b/w AP & additional AP
  227. Diff b/w AP & additional AP
  228. Received letter to submit fresh medical report and PCC
  229. Received call from embassy
  230. Divorce certificate
  231. Want my Passport back under AP
  232. AP Processing Tunisia
  233. AP
  234. Defferent Kinds of AP explained.
  235. Anybody with AP pending more than 1 year?
  236. When/How do you know you're in AP?
  237. New response i got
  238. they gave me my passport back at consulate
  239. AP Over - Visa received
  240. Different Administrative Processing Green Sheet
  241. Can u apply for Emergency VISA
  242. Today i got call from usembassy
  243. AP at Dhaka
  244. what this mail mean?
  245. Not eligible under section 221g
  246. immigrant visa
  247. i,ve an intrview yestrday and got green sheet
  248. interview done but Given 221g Blue Sheet fo r submisstion of additional documet.
  249. after interview requesting additional document required to submission
  250. one week passed...ALLAH PLZ HELP ME OUT

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