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Keep Green Card after 2 Years Out?

Adjustment of Status - Green Card

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Is is possible to live out of US for more than 2 years after getting GC? If some one with GC remains out of US for more than 2 years without prior permission, can he revive his GC? or re-entry to US.
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There is a re-entry permit available if you file form I-131 before you leave the US. It is valid for 2 years, somewhat protecting your US PR status.

Maintaining your status while out of the country is very complex. Your questions are really complex!
I will just tell you what one of the top abandonment attorneys frequently says. You can lose your PR status with one day out of the US and you could keep it with years out of the US.
There is no one-size answer to your questions.
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A green card holder is not supposed to stay that long out of the USA. It is like abandonment. If you stay out too long it can cause problems.

Abandoning Your Green Card Status

A common problem faced by permanent residents is maintaining their status when they are outside the US for extended periods of time. You need to be extremely careful about losing your green card as a result of being outside the US for too long. The article I have written at http://www.visalaw.com/01jan4/12jan401.html will tell you more about this subject and what you can do to prevent problems.


I think if you are going to be out one year you need to apply for a reentry premit before your can reenter.

http://www.uscis.gov/files/article/B5.pdf Reentry Permit
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  Family Based Immigration Forums > STAGE 4 - ARRIVING IN AMERICA > Adjustment of Status - Green Card

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