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USCIS General Discussion - Stage 1

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Old 06-15-07, 10:32 PM   #1
bubbybunnybubbybunny is offline
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I am married to a USC who is currently deployed. We received NOA1 for the I130 and I129F in March 21 and March 29, respectively.

We still havent got approved!! We just found out about expediting applications and made a request. We were told it should be expedited because my husband is deployed in Iraq.

I just want to know if anyone knows how long this process of expediting takes? He gets home from Iraq in July and I HAVE to be there.

Are there any other options for us?

Please, any advice is greatly appreciated x
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Old 06-15-07, 11:12 PM   #2
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Expediting *should* be very fast in your situation. But I would highly recommend you contact your state senator's office by using their online privacy form. Fill it out, attach a brief request for assistance and fax it to their office. Call first thing Monday morning to follow up and find out who is assigned to your case. Get a direct phone number and email address and stay on top of that person - with their help, it should be pushed through pretty fast.

Good luck!
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bubbybunny (06-15-07)
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There are still several March stragglers from CSC who've not been approved. I've heard of cases getting expedited because of a military person being deployed, but not because of them coming home. Still I personally think its a valid reason so I'd go for it!!! Do what KitKat suggested and see what happens -- it can't hurt at this point, right?

I'd also ask the congressman/senator if there is any assistance you can receive from the State Dept. (once you reach the consulate) to also get on the fast track.

I do know that on one of the forms from the consulate, they ask you about wedding and/or travel plans - I would definitely write on there about his coming home. May not help but certainly cannot hurt!
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bubbybunny (06-16-07)

  Family Based Immigration Forums > STAGE 1 - USCIS SERVICE CENTERS > USCIS General Discussion - Stage 1

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